The following procedures will occur each time we are notified that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19:

  1. School Nurse will remove student if needed and contact the appropriate school nurse if there are siblings in the corporation
  2. School Nurse will send a notification email to
    1. Wendy Swallow
    2. Transportation – Don Graves – if the student is a bus rider
  3. If bus rider, Don Graves will determine bus riding “Close Contacts” and will notify school nurse at the building(s) effected
  4. School Nurse will work with the Administrator at the building to pull seating charts and attendance data to determine “Close Contacts”
    1. Classroom
    2. Cafeteria if applicable
    3. Athletics/Band if at GMS/GHS
    4. Other contacts with GCS students
  5. School Nurse will phone parents of Close Contacts and arrange a pick-up
    1. Remove students from classroom to office for pick up
    2. Review self-quarantine details with family and identify the date student can return
    3. Give hand out that answers COVID-19 questions.
  6. Record information on Close Contact Sheet
  7. Record information on ISDH Spread Sheet
  8. Email names of students with the date of return to Don Graves (if applicable)/Teacher/Administrator
  9. Wendy Swallow send updates to Susan Stiffney
  10. All staff situations will be handled by Susan Stiffney/Marlene Penner
  11. Daily Update will be given through the Superintendent