Stifel – Public Finance, the Indianapolis underwriter for the GCS referendum projects, wants to share a unique platform that they have created to celebrate their clients, and support their client’s community: “Built by Bonds”. They are gathering photos of facilities and other projects funded with municipal bonds.

If you upload a photo of a project from your phone or computer, it is matched by a charitable contribution from Stifel to a local food bank through Feeding America. The more photos Stifel receives in Indiana, the higher the donation for our communities!

You may directly upload your photos from GCS referendum projects including photos from the Goshen High School media center and science wing, Goshen Intermediate School, and the solar arrays at Prairie View and Model Elementary Schools, using the following link (

We are thankful for the support and guidance Stifel has provided for Goshen Community Schools, and we appreciate their efforts to help those in need in our community!

If you would like to help with this initiative, but you do not have pictures of the GCS projects, you may find photos below to use or at this link if the photos are not visible.