Goshen Community Schools is proud to partner with the New Tech Network, providing students with a hands on practical education that prepares students for the rigors of  college and work. Goshen Community Schools offers a K-12 New Tech Pathway. Chandler and Model elementary schools are New Tech schools. Goshen Middle and Goshen High then continue these pathways. Students may enter the New Tech pathway at any grade level. New Tech students are well prepared for the IB diploma program. Within the New Tech Network, students are innovators, solvers and creators. They learn to collaborate and communicate. Through challenging, authentic projects, they learn to adapt and engage in the world around them.

New Tech works closely with districts and schools to create innovative learning environments. Through a proven school model, a project-based learning platform, and powerful professional development, New Tech changes student lives. Students become adept at thinking critically, managing their own learning, collaborating and communicating effectively.  New Tech is a comprehensive school model, with ECHO learning management platform, tools, resources, training events and implementation plans delivered by an exemplary team of coaches that enable school districts to reinvent schools with their local teachers through a multi-year partnership. By making learning relevant and creating a collaborative learning culture, students become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, their teachers and their peers. Through a technology-rich environment, teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning.